Correcting the Atlas misalignment is the best kept secret in all health care. I know that’s a bold statement but in my 25 years of experience I’ve found that removing the mechanical stress from the brain stem and upper spinal cord at the point where the head and neck join restores neurological function and allows the body’s innate healing capabilities to function without interference.

There is nothing more powerful than your body’s ability to heal itself. I’ve helped thousands of patients alleviate their pain and restore their health by correcting the Atlas misalignment.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge proponent of a healthy life style. Clean air, clean water, good nutrition, exercise, supplements and loving relationships are all important in optimal health.

The overlooked factor in health care is the nervous system, specifically a nervous system free of mechanical interference.

Unfortunately, correcting the atlas is easier said than done. It’s easy to give lip service to this truth but another to actually correct it. I’ve devoted my career to learning the best methods for correcting the atlas misalignment.

I encourage you to watch the power point presentation that describes in simple language how correcting the Atlas restores your nervous system to perfect function and how that leads to optimal health and wellness.


        Charles Hough, DC